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Dental Implants – a wonder of technology

How can they help myself?

Dental implants function like an artificial root for a tooth and are small wonders of technology. They are the basis for modern fixed dental prostheses and they guarantee a natural and comfortable feeling when being worn and also when chewing. They are also the epitome of esthetic and healthy appearance.

Implants furnish you with a natural, gleaming smile and a firm bite – for life!

What are the advantages of implants?

  • Healthy neighbouring teeth remain completely intact, and therefore healthy. (no need to grind them down)
  • They offer security: a comfortable and sure anchor for your dental prosthesis
  • Implants guarantee excellent esthetic results
  • You can bite firmly again and smile free of care
  • Implants make a big difference to your self-confidence and quality of life

What do implants look like?

Implants are small cylindrical shaped screws. They have been successfully used in dentistry now for over 40 years and there have been continuous improvements.

Are there different kinds of implants?

We have to distinguish between implants made of pure titanium and those made of zirconium oxide. Which kind is more suitable for you will be determined in the course of your preliminary examination.

Titanium Implants

The majority of the implants we fit are made of pure titanium. This material is extremely strong and is suitable for an All-on-4™-treatment or an All-on-6™-treatment with immediate loading. Titanium is acknowledged to be a non-allergenic material and is therefore suitable for the majority of our patients. Even our most discerning patients are delighted with the esthetic results.

Nevertheless, some patients wish to have a prosthesis which is completely free of metal. For those people we also offer a prosthesis made of zirconium oxide.

We will be pleased to advise you about our implants in a non-committal consultation. Please make an appointment now, or find out more below about implant-anchored prostheses.

What is an implant-anchored prosthesis?

Stable teeth on implant

If you decide to have new, stable teeth, they will be anchored on implants. The advantages over unfixed dentures are obvious:

  • You can enjoy chewing naturally.
  • You can again eat and drink everything you used to enjoy, and you can smile without inhibition.
  • You keep your sense of taste because your palate is completely free and uncovered.
  • You have the best possible esthetic results from “false teeth” which are barely distinguishable from real teeth
  • Your jaw is safeguarded against loss of bone substance.
  • You avoid putting too much burden on your remaining teeth.



    A single tooth gap:

    Implant with crown:
    The loss of a tooth brings about a loss of functionality in chewing and speaking, and of course also spoils one´s esthetic appearance. By means of an implant with a crown, the missing tooth can be replaced without    damaging the neighbouring teeth, thus restoring both function and appearance.


    Several teeth missing:

    If several consecutive teeth are missing, a bridge can be anchored on implants (which serve as abutments)


    Toothless jaw:

    Dentures (e.g. prosthesis):
    Implants can also be used to support the anchorage for implant bridges or prostheses and give them a firm hold.


    Removable Implant Bridges:

    Total dental prostheses can be anchored by using at least two implants (lower jaw) and at least 4 implants (upper jaw). 
    This procedure turns “loose dentures” into a stable, removable implant bridge. A bar made of zirconium oxide or titanium is anchored firmly onto the implants, and the removable bridge is mounted securely onto that.


    • The palate-free construction of the removable bridge
    • The jaw is safeguarded against further loss of bone substance
    • Your sense of taste is not inhibited
    • Firm hold
    • Excellent esthetic result
    • Support for your cheeks – no more sunken cheeks
    • Naso-labial wrinkles are reduced or even disappear
    • No grinding down of neighbouring teeth necessary
    • Stable and very comfortable solution
    • More self-confidence when appearing in public
    • More quality of life:  people with dental prostheses can take big bites again!

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