Implantology in Dr. Johnson´s practice near Augsburg

Why use dental implants to anchor your new teeth?

They are dependable. They are durable. They are a healthy option. For decades, developments in dental implantology have been making continual progress. Techniques have been improved to such an extent that nowadays treatment with implants is considered to minimize damage.

What are the advantage of implants?

Dental crowns or prosthesis anchored by implants achieve the best possible esthetic results. Besides, with your sturdy new teeth, you will be able to bite and chew again properly, just like you used to with your own teeth. That means you can eat everything again – for the rest of your life!

Another advantage is your renewed self-esteem and confidence. Because with implant-anchored prosthesis you can laugh and speak without worrying. Your prosthesis is firmly fixed and looks just like real teeth.

Which kinds of treatment with implants are available?

Which kinds of treatment with implants are available?

In Dr. Johnson´s specialist practice, the most modern methods of implantology are being used on a daily basis. This means it is possible to help almost every patient to have new sturdy teeth.

Diabetes, osteoporosis or periodontisis do not constitue a contraindication. Even heavy smokers can safely have implants.

Depending on your personal requirements, single implants can be used to provide single teeth or several teeth with a dental crown or bridge. But even whole jaws with only unhealthy remaining teeth can be treated with implants. In such cases we use the innovative All-on-4 or All-on-6 Concept. Here, only 4 or 6 implants are necessary to supply a whole jaw with a fixed dental prosthesis.

The treatment is almost pain-free and can be carried out under local anesthetic, or if the patient wishes, also under general anaesthesia. In Dr. Johnson´s practice we will be pleased to discuss with you during a one-to-one consultation all the different possibilities modern implantology offers for you.

Was muss bei einer Behandlung mit Implantaten beachtet werden?

What is important when considering implant treatment?

Initially there will be a non-committal individual consultation, in which all your questions will be answered.

Dr. Johnson will explain to you on the basis of your x-ray different possible treatments and will discuss with you the further procedure within the framework of your personal treatment and cost schedule. Before the treatment begins, there must also be a preliminary examination and a review of your individual medical history (e.g. risk factors). Please let us know if you are taking medication and if you are suffering from any illness. It may be of advantage for us to be in touch with your doctor to rule out any blood pressure or blood thinner problems.

Wer führt die Implantation durch?

Who carries out the implant operation?

All implantations are carried out by Dr. med. dent. Errick Johnson personally.

He has gained experience in implantology over many years. After his dental studies at Wuerzburg University he took a further qualification at the Academy of the German Society for Implantology and is specialized in implantology and implant-anchored prostheses.

Everything from a single source

In Dr. Johnson´s practice the entire treatment will be carried out by one person, from the placement of the implants to the fitting of the new teeth.

Knowledge means competence

In the case of the All-on-4 or All-on-6 methods, Dr. Johnson takes further training at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, where this innovative technique was pioneered.

Dr. Johnson is also a founding member and the managing director of the Implant Clinic Augsburg (at the diako) as well as a founding member of the Quality Circle for Implantology in Augsburg.


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