All-on-4™ - All-on-6™: The most modern form of dental prosthesis

All-on-4™ - All-on-6™ : treatment plan

This method of treatment is non-destructive and pain free, and it promises a perfect fit for your new stable teeth. On only 4 or 6 implants we can fix a dental bridge for upper or lower jaw. It will also fulfil all your esthetic criteria, and will allow you to chew naturally.

If your bone density requires it, more than 4 implants may be preferable. We will be pleased to advise you personally about your individual requirements.

Longterm durability with All-on-4™: Non-destructive. Fast. Precise.

Longterm durability with All-on-4™:
Non-destructive. Fast. Precise.

A treatment with All-on-4 promises life-long satisfaction with your new, stable teeth. With the help of a computer assisted plan and 3Dscan of your jaw, the implants can be placed in your jaw with the utmost precision. Because of this the treatment is especially gentle and the duration of the operation is short.

My advantages with an All-on-4™ treatment

With All-on-4 you are making a decision for a longterm solution which will increase your quality of life considerably. With your implant-based bridge you can eat, laugh and speak as you did with your real teeth.

The All-on-4 method also often allows us to do without bone augmentation – even if your jaw bone is already receding.

The really special thing about the All-on-4 concept is, however, the possibility to chew with your new implant-based interim-bridge at once. Loading is possible immediately after your new teeth have been anchored. Nevertheless, we advise you to wait for a few days before putting full strain on them, so that you can get used to the new feeling!

After only a few weeks, the interim-bridge will be replaced by your new stable implant-teeth, which are made with skill locally in our specialized master laboratory in Bavaria. Your new teeth will then be finely tuned to meet perfectly your esthetic and functional requirements. For your perfect smile!

we keep the All-on-4™- concept

What is included in the All-on-4™ concept?

  • Thorough dental examination and case history
  • If necessary, the removal of unhealthy teeth
  • Implantation of 4 implants
  • Immediate fitting with a fixed dental prosthesis
  • The treatment is concluded in 3 days

Which conditions must be fulfilled for the All-on-4™ method?

  • Your jaw is either toothless or the remaining teeth are unhealthy
  • The bone in your jaw is sufficiently strong
  • Your jaw is no longer growing
  • You undergo a consultation with your specialist Dr. Errick Johnson to ensure that there are no risks involved

What does All-on-6™ mean?

What does All-on-6™ mean?

The All-on-6™ treatment is very similar to the All-on-4™  method, but 6 implants are required instead of 4. This may be necessary due to your individual requirements. The 6 implants result in even greater stability and a more equitable spread of chewing pressure.

We will be pleased to inform you about the All-on-6™  - principle in the course of an individual consultation. Contact us now and make an appointment.