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Beautiful teeth – special treatment in Dr. Johnson´s practice

A striking smile with beautiful teeth

Beautiful teeth stand for good health, strength and vitality. They make their owner attractive and pave the way to success. There is truth in the saying that you don´t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Our esthetic dentistry methods help you to develop a beautiful and flawless smile.

In Dr. Johnson´s practice we are specialized in:

  • professional dental cleaning: the optimal preventive care to lessen risk from caries and periodontitis and also necessary for patients with dental braces, bridges, crowns or implants.
  • bleaching: whitening of stained teeth and teeth with a root canal, followed by fluoride treatment to remineralize the teeth and a final sealing process.



We will also be pleased to advise you about specially esthetic dental prostheses, for example:

  • Inlays: gold and ceramic inlays for posterior teeth
  • veneers: thin ceramic shells for perfectly formed, white front teeth.
  • composite fillings: inconspicuous, tooth-coloured, perfectly modelled fillings.

Find out more here about esthetic dental prostheses

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