Bone augmentation – optimal stability for a good bite

What is bone augmentation?

When we talk of bone augmentation we mean the artificial widening or heightening of the jaw bone. By this means we can achieve the necessary stability for your implants, even if your bone is receding due to bone-loss, -resorption or osteoporosis.

Wann muss Knochen aufgebaut werden?

When must we use bone augmentation?

Bone augmentation is necessary if the the implants don´t have enough hold in the jaw bone and therefore lack the required stability. This can be due to inflammation which has caused the bone to recede. Also a lack of pressure on the jaw due to missing teeth can cause loss of jaw bone substance. This means we have to augment the bone artificially.

With modern diagnostic techniques we can determine whether this procedure is necessary and to what extent. In the course of an x-ray examination or a digital volume tomography we can determine whether there is enough bone material to guarantee the secure anchoring for your implants or not.

Which kinds of bone augmentation are available?

Depending on the diagnosis, it may be necessary to widen (lateral augmentation) or heighten (vertical augmentation) the bone. Thanks to modern methods such as Piezosurgery (innovative ultra-sonic bone preparation) bone augmentation can be carried out by gentle methods.

Your advantage:

In our practice we do not use bone taken from your pelvis. Dr. Johnson declines to use this method due to the trauma it causes and the post-operative problems. Modern implantology has sufficient solutions for augmenting bone by gentle methods rather than resorting to using the softer bone material in the pelvis.

Vertical augmentation

For the vertical augmentation in the upper jaw we use the Sinus Lift. The necessary bone material for this procedure consists either of your own bone or of highly bio-compatible bone graft substitute. Normally the bone augmentation and the placement of the implants can be achieved in one sitting, so that a second operation is not necessary. The fixed teeth/ crowns/ prosthesis can then be anchored after a healing phase of 4-5 months, thus saving the patient both time and a second operation.

Lateral augmentation

Thanks to Piezosurgery, the lateral augmentation is a gentler procedure for our patients. The jaw bone is spread by means of gentle bone splitting to create an outer and an inner wall into which bone bone graft substitute is filled.

The main advantage of this method is that the bone splitting activates self-healing mechanisms in the bone and thus encourages the formation of further new bone material.

The Osteotome Technique

Dr. Johnson uses the osteotome technique in the upper jaw. This means the bone can be both widened and internally sealed at the same time using this especially gentle method. This in turn means that the implant can be anchored even more securely. For a perfect long-term result.

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