Professional dental cleaning at Dr. Johnso´s dental practice by Augsburg


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Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is the best method of taking care of your teeth.

Professional dental cleaning is the best method of taking care of your teeth.

Our specially trained personnel will take around one hour to do a thorough cleaning with our gentle SonicSys ultrasound system, air flow technique and intensive polishing of your teeth and gums, finishing with an intensive fluoride treatment.

What is air flow technique?

With a precise powder jet, your teeth will be freed of staining caused by tea, coffee and smoking.

But this technique can do a lot more. It not only improves the esthetic appearance, but it also helps to improve your dental health. Bacterial plaque is thoroughly removed and future staining is effectively delayed.

Why should I have professional cleaning done?

Prevention makes sense – especially in the light of the ever more restrictive insurance coverage for prostheses.

Our prevention offer consists of:

  • Removal of tartar and plaque (SonicSys-Ultrasound)
  • Removal of tar and nicotin staining (Airflow technique and intensive polishing)
  • Removal of staining caused by tea, coffee or red wine (Airflow technique, intensive polishing)
  • intensive fluoride treatment
  • nutritional advice
  • instruction on dental hygiene
  • demonstration how to clean your teeth effectively
  • prevention recall-system

We recommend six-monthly prevention for

  • implant patients
  • patients being treated for periodontitis
  • patients with dental prostheses
  • patients with a high risk for caries

Aims of preventive care:

  • allowing the neck of the teeth to sit healthily in the gums
  • healthy and hygienic feeling in your mouth
  • prevention of bad breath
  • reducing the depth of gingival pockets
  • inflammation-free gums and teeth

For the attention of implant and periodontitis patients:

Our practice offers regular professional cleaning within the framework of a Periodontitis-Recall-Programme and an Implant-Recall-Programme.